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Did you know that Groomzy is taking deposit fee? Please read Policy before you book. 

Lion Shave

We will no longer offer lion shaves (shaving cats fur down to 0.5 mm) 

Cats do not like to be bald. Please choose a trim instead, the service called comb clip AKA teddy bear trim.

Cats often get stressed out after lion shave service and hiding under bed for day(s). Also they sometimes over lick their bald skin what can cause irritation on skin. Fur colour changing is another issue!

If you are reading this and you are already an existing customer who comes to regular lion shaves, prescribed by your vet due to sensitiveness, we will still provide your regular lion shaves to your cat. 

Comb Clip AKA Teddy Bear

$150 Service Includes


  • Full-body trim from 10-22mm with the exception of the head, mane and lower legs

  • Triple Bath & Triple Rinse

  • Drying

  • Sanitary clip

  • Ear & eye cleaning​​

  • Nail clipping

  • Face trim if required

  • Paw trim if required

Dry comb clip $120 available to clients whose cats are regularly comb and has no compacted fur, no dandruff, no oily skin.

You have the choice to leave the tail natural or trimmed.

Bath AKA Full Coat Groom

$120-$150 Service Includes


  • Combing & de shedding

  • Triple Bath & Triple Rinse

  • Drying

  • Final comb out & de shedding

  • Ear & eye cleaning

  • Nail clipping​​

  • Face trim if required

  • Paw trim if required

  • Sanitary clip if required

  • Belly trim if required

Domestic short haired    $120

Dom. Long haired single coat + British shorthair        $130

Double/triple coat         $150

Huge cats (8kg +)         $150

$30 additional cost for non regulars with  compacted,dirty,dandruffy fur

Mat/Pelt Removal

We will no longer accept cats with significant matting or pelting. Removing mats can be painful for your cat and puts your groomer at a far greater risk of injury. If your cat attends an appointment and is deemed to be badly matted or pelted, service will be refused, and the deposit forfeited. We recommend all bad mat removal be performed by your vet under sedation. Our mission statement is to create happy and healthy relationships between cats and their people through regular preventative skin and coat maintenance. A clean cat is a happy cat.

Pls read our cancellation policy.


Groomzy is a cat grooming salon exclusively for cats. We do not work on dogs!
The salon is located in Altona Meadows, close to BigW and Central Square Shopping Centre. We are not mobile groomers! Please read our cancellation policy before you make a booking!

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