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Cat Grooming Styles

Lion Clip (Shaving)

A lion clip is a full-body short shave with the exception of the head, mane and lower legs. You have the choice to leave the tail unshaved if required or as a pom-pom. The service includes nail clipping and an ear and eye clean.
Lion shave is 1.5 mm short shave (video)
Velvet lion shave is 3.2 mm short shave (picture)


We are the first cat grooming salon in Melbourne to Introduce the Asian Lion Cut!

Asian Lion Cut (Shaving)

This style leaves the fur in the front and middle section of the body and shaves the back legs & lower back end area. This will eliminate most of the problem areas that long haired or older cats normally would have. Optional tail styles available as unshaved tail or pom pom. 


Comb Clip AKA Teddy Bear Cut (Trimming)

A comb clip is a longer length shave over the whole body and is more suitable for winter. Unlike a lion clip that has a very short shave, the comb clip shave length is typically between 6mm and 22mm. The service Includes nail clipping, an ear and eye clean, fully body shave, a bath, blow-dry and final brush out. 

Full Coat Groom (Brushing, Bath)

A groom involves me using brushes, combs and de-shedding tools to carefully and thoroughly clean and brush out the cats hair. The service includes nail clipping, an ear and eye clean, a triple bath & triple rinse, hand blow-drying, final brush out and face & paw trim if required.
The grooming service does not include any shaving.

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