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Cat with Fleas 

Please do not bring your kitty into our salon with fleas. 

We would like to ask you to apply flea treatment for CATS (dog flea treatment is poisonous for cats) 3 days before your appointment. It will give enough time to kill fleas and our salon will remain flea free. We do not want fleas to invest our salon and jump on cats who came us flea free. 

After your kitty is flea free, we can wash flea dirt out of the skin and do a beautiful full coat groom service to make your fury baby clean and fresh again. 

How you can make your kitty and your home flea free?

First of all, fleas do not nest on cats. They jump on cats to eat and drink. They nest in the environment such as bathroom, carpet, beddings, close to garden taps, under timbers in garden, dark and damp places etc.... 

Secondly, you will have to treat your kitty with flea treatment for cats and your environment with environmental flea treatment. 

What flea treatment we recommend for cats?

There are lots of product on the market. We know capstar is temporarly good to quickly kill adult fleas but it will not kill the eggs.

There is a new product on the market now called Bravecto for cats. Fleas are not resistant at it as much as other flea treatment products. The normal Bravecto for cats is enough, you do not have to buy the stronger Plus product. 

You will have to buy kitten product if your cat is a kitten, adult product if your cat is adult. You will also have to know what kg your cat weight is.

Please do not buy flea treatment for dogs and cats as cats are very sensitive. Please buy one only for cats. 

What to do if you accidentally put a dog flea treatment on your kitty?

Unfortunately I did it ones but I noticed it straight away, so immediately I put my kitty under warm running water and applied a cat shampoo on her, I washed and rinsed her 5 times very well. Then I monitored her if she is okay or not. She was okay, so I did not have to take her to emergency vet. 

Unfortunately my brother applied a dog and cat flea treatment on my mum's cat. My mum was on holiday at this time and next day when she arrived home she noticed the cat was unwell. Luckily she called me up and I told her to take her into the bathroom immediately, put her under warm running water. Wash and rinse her 5 times. As she did not have cat shampoo at home, I recommended to use a normal dishwashing detergent to use. She monitored her kitty and she was okay after all. HOWEVER! If you see your kitty is still unwell, please do not hesitate to take your kitty to vet immediately! If you are worried, please take your cat into vet straight away, do not hesitate for a minute.

What is the environmental flea treatment?

Please go to your vet or your local pet supplier and buy a cat safe environmental flea treatment to treat the area where your kitty goes. As your kitty can be indoor and outdoor as well, please treat the entire environment according to directions for use/manual instruction. Please do not put the environmental treatment on your cat. 

According to the instructions, please clean the environment well after you finished, therefore your environment will be safe again to your kitty to roam around. Make sure the treatment did not go into water and food bowls. 

If you choose to use flea bomb instead of a powder, please take all of your pets out of your property before you start the procedure. Pack all water and food bowls away, close pet food bags and pack them away as well. Remember to put your food, including fruits and vegetables away, your plates, cutleries etc... Wash your pets and your own bed sheets, blankets in washing machine while you complete the environmental flea treatment. After every pets are out of the property, everything packed away, windows and doors are closed, you can start to flea bomb the house quickly. Then leave your property for 2 hours.

After 2 hours, go back and open windows, doors to allow fresh air into your home for at least half an hour. Kids, pets are still remain out of your property. After the air completely changed, you will have to wipe all your surface off, map the floor and carpet. Do not forget to wipe window sills too as usually cats love to sit there. 

After everything is safe, all of your family member can join to you and enjoy the rest of the day. 

If you have any further comments, please feel free to let us know and we can share it here. Thank you! 

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