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Fear Free Guide


Non sedative prescription

by your vet 


Stress Free Travel


Non prescription 

Gabapentin is a breakthrough in the treatment & blocking of the Fight or Flight response in cats. Gabapentin is safe and effective and NOT a sedative. Also used as behavioural health support for emotional cats. By prescription only from your vet. Recommended by FEAR FREE, a organization founded by Dr. Marty Becker. Ask your vet to supply you what you would need for a years worth of grooming. PLEASE Do Not administer on a full stomach of food or this will significantly reduce its effects. For best results treat with a 100mg/200mg capsule of Gabapentin, depends on what your vet suggested to you. 

WHEN TO ADMINISTER: Please administer  90 mins prior to the groom or vet visit. Do not administer with a full meal as this will significantly reduce it's effect. Please do not give food 12 hours prior your appointment. 


50% of vets recommend a "slow walk" which is 2 full doses. 100mg the night before (you can give dinner to your kitty) and 100mg 90 mins prior to the groom or vet visit (please do not give food 12 hours prior your appointment). 

If your cat is very aggressive 100 mg gabapenting suggested and for bigger cats, the dose might be 150mg, ask the approval from your vet. Administrate it at home 90 mins prior to the groom on empty stomach. 

Groomzy will refuse to work on your kitty if you arrive with your cat sedated by you or your vet. Sedated cats are still fight and fly, they are drunk like. 

Gabapentin as a fear free solution was introduced to me by Samantha Darcy, owner of The Main Lion Cat Grooming Salon, Paoli, PA, Philadelpia. Thank you Samantha! 

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Cat-in-the-bag promotes stress-free travels.

Recommended for all cats who suffer from travel anxiety and stress while in traditional carriers. 

Why is this alternative better than a traditional cage carrier?

Please read our blog where you can read further, watch videos, and see pictures that tell a more full and illustrative story. 

Cat-in-the-bag Cozy Comfort Carrier is also available in in Australia.

Laura's Paisley, Zia & Raven 

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Zylkene can help support cats in situations where they find they need to adapt their behaviour to cope. It is non prescription and most of the time you can buy it from your vet, petstock, petbarn etc or order it online. 

For cats who feel a little bit uncomfortable during Spa Day. Request 75-150-225 mg according to your vet advice. 

For cats who feel very uncomfortable, request gabapentin. 

Zylkene is a calming supplement that contains a natural ingredient derived from a protein in milk called casein that has clinically proven calming properties to help relax cats. It is a peptide (protein) molecule, well known to promote the relaxation of new-borns after breastfeeding by delivering ‘calming messages’ to the brain. 

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