Please note we perform only dry lion cuts for our mobile service and this service is not allowed to operate at the moment.  

Dry Lion Cut 


+ $30 call out fee

Mat & Pelt Removal Will Incur Additional Costs

Soft Paws Application Only With Shaving

Service Includes


  • Nail clipping

  • Full-body short shave with the exception of the head, mane and lower legs

  • Ear & eye cleaning​​

  • Face trim if required



You have the choice to leave the tail unshaved if required or as a pom-pom. 

Mat and pelt removal while shaving is a more difficult process and requires additional time and thus costs extra. The extra charge depends on how long it takes to complete the delicate shaving. Light matting can be $10- $20 extra cost. Matting under the body, armpits or back legs can be around $30-$40 extra.

Pelt removal is a very slow process.

The total cost for a badly pelted cat can be up to $200

​This service is only available in conjunction with ordering another service for our mobile operations.


If you would like to book a soft paws application without any other service, please make an appointment with Nikki at our Salon in Altona. 

Front only & Back only $25

Front & Back               $40

Service includes

  • nail cutting

  • ear cleaning

  • eye cleaing

Full coat grooming (bathing) is available in Altona salon only!

In addition to our salon in Altona (West Melbourne), we also offer a limited number of appointments for grooming from your home in and around the Melbourne area. 

Our prices are the same as those offered from our salon however each appointment carries a $30 non-refundable call out fee. Given our service is mobile, when we take your booking we ask for a 30 minute window either side of the booking for us to arrive, although we will always do our best to be on time and professional.

Our mobile business offers a smaller range of services compared to those offered in our salon. We only perform dry lion cut shaves. Soft Paws can be added as an additional service.

Please note that the $30 call out fee is non refundable even if we are unable to work on your cat.

In approximately 8-10% of cases cats typically can not be worked on because:

  • They have roamed out of the house and can’t be found at the time of the appointment

  • Refuse to come out from under the bed and we can’t get them out

  • Become too anxious to work on, creating a need to consider the welfare of the animal or

  • Become so aggressive there is a need to consider the welfare of the humans! Please be comforted in knowing that these instances are rare and read some online reviews to confirm my competence in managing the comfort of your fur baby. 

Lion Clip (Shaving) Explained:

A lion clip is a full-body short shave with the exception of the head, mane and lower legs.

You have the choice to leave the tail unshaved if required or as a pom-pom. The service includes nail clipping and an ear and eye clean. 

After your appointment has been scheduled with Groomzy, you will need to pay the call out fee within 24 hours by bank transfer. 

Account name: Nikolett Szabo

BSB: 013132

Account no: 290790177

Message: Your name/your cat name/date of your appointment

You can also send a screenshot of the receipt to Groomzy by text to 0448113933. 

After we receive the payment/receipt, your scheduled appointment will be confirmed by us via text message to your mobile. 

Upon the completion of the service in your home you can pay via cash, bank transfer or by card, which carries a 2% surcharge. 

Call Nikki on 0448 113 933 for an Appointment


By Appointment Only









By Appointment Only


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