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10 reasons why I do not recommend you try to shave your cat by yourself

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

1/Most likely you have a clipper made for people rather than an animal clipper

2/Clippers made for people are very loud, so when you turn your own clipper on, your kitty could freak out

3/Clippers made for people will generate heat on the blade very quickly and you could hurt your best friend’s skin

4/Profession cat groomers work much faster than DIY enthusiasts

5/You do not want to clip off your cat’s nipple or accidentally cut into the skin

6/If you make a mistake and cut your cat, your cat will be very upset with you, furthermore you might need to go to your vet to stop bleeding

7/For the same reason you go to a hair dresser. You don’t cut your own hair at home, do you?

8/If your cat will be upset, best it’s with your cat groomer and not with you

9/Cats can be dangerous to groom. Cat groomers are taught how to groom cats safely and quickly. You do not want to be bitten or hurt.

10/If you started to groom your cat and traumatized her/him, then the professional cat groomer’s job will be more difficult. A difficult job means more grooming time, more stress to your cat and possibly more money from your pocket in the long run. Cat groomers may charge an extra fee to groom aggressive cats because it is often more time consuming.

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