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Stud Tail on Cats

“Stud Tail” is a condition some #cats live with and describes a condition of excess oil, dander and dandruff at the base of a cats tail. Stud tail is a treatable condition and in moderate to severe cases treatment is advised as the condition can cause discomfort and pain for your pet.

To determine if your cat has Stud Tail it helps to closely examine the base of his or her tail. A disproportionately oily patch on the skin or flaky dandruff is a sign. If you look closely, you will also see many blackheads in the skin.

It is typically much easier to identify Stud Tail once a cat has been shaved.

If you do suspect your cat has stud tail it is recommended you visit your vet or cat groomer.

Treatment usually requires a thorough washing of the area with dermatologically approved shampoos and degreasers for cats. Washing should be scheduled to match the severity of the condition, typically ranging from every few weeks initially, to every few months once the problem has come under control. A groomer or vet may advise you to shave part of the tail to allow for better access and monitoring of the tail.  

Stud Tail is more common in male cats although it can still be found in females. If you're concerned your cat may have stud tail, matted fur around the base of the tail may be a clue to look closer for it.

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