What is the difference between a lion clip and a comb clip?

Will I need your help?

Do you use sedation to groom cats? 

Do you groom aggressive cats?

How long will my cat's groom take? 

My cat has never been groomed/bathed before. Is this a problem?

Do you groom elderly cats?

Will you trim my cat's nails and clean ears and eyes too?

My cat has mats but I do not want it to be shaved. Can you do it?

Can I request special shampoo?

How offen do you sanitese your tools? 

How do I pay?

I can see your prices. Will I pay any extra fee when I pick up my fury friend from you?

Do you work by appointment only?

What if I have to cancel my appointment with you?

What if I am late?

A lion clip is a full-body short shave with the exception of the head and lower legs. You have the choice to leave the tail unshaved or as a pom-pom. A comb clip is a longer length shave over the whole body and is more suitable for winter. 

You are welcome to stay and watch however I will not need your assistance to hold your kitty. 

No, I do not use sedation to groom cats and I am not going to.

Why We Do Not Recommend Sedatives

Because they do not work for the purposes of a 1 hour "hands on" grooming appointment which is very different from a typical vet visit.

Cat grooming involves an incredible amount of triggering starting with the cat carrier, leaving your house and going for a car ride.....followed by strangers, grooming tools, touching, water, smells, drying, sounds and so much more. Sedatives do not block the triggering of cats they just mask the bodies response to them. Slower & drunken like but still triggered and capable of aggression & temper tantrums. The side effects of sedatives can also be upsetting for many owners and linger with cats all day.

For some cats I might need to use an air muzzle or towel if they exhibit an overly aggressive behaviour. Some cats can not be groomed by cat groomers. 

Fear Free Solution: Gabapentin is a breakthrough in the treatment & blocking of the Fight or Flight response in cats. Gabapentin is safe and effective and NOT a sedative. Also used as behavioural health support for emotional cats. By prescription only from your vet. Recommended by FEAR FREE, a organization founded by Dr. Marty Becker. Ask your vet to supply you what you would need for a years worth of grooming. PLEASE Do Not administer on a full stomach of food or this will significantly reduce its effects. For best results treat with a 100mg/200mg capsule of Gabapentin, depends on what your vet suggested to you by measuring your kitty's weight. Strictly no food for 12 hours prior the appointment. 

WHEN TO ADMINISTER: Please administer  90-100 mins prior to the groom or vet visit. Do not administer with a full meal as this will significantly reduce it's effect. NO FOOD for 12 hours prior the appointment. Morning appointment required! Good advice: pick up all food bowls for the night. :)


50% of vets recommend a "slow walk" which is 2 full doses, one the night before and one 90-100 mins prior to the groom or vet visit. This is for shy cats!

If your cat is aggressive/defensive 100 mg gabapentin suggested and ask the approval from your vet. Administrate it at home 90-100 mins prior to the groom on empty stomach. If your cat is more then 7 kg, usually the dose is different. 

Gabapentin as a fear free solution was introduced to me by Samantha Darcy, owner of The Main Lion Cat Grooming Salon, Paoli, PA, Philadelpia. Thank you Samantha! 

Read article: https://fearfreepets.com/study-gabapentin-reduces-stress-cats-veterinary-visits/  

A lion cut without bath is 20-40 minutes and with bath is 40 to 60 minutes.  Bath 50-80 minutes depending on hair length. If your cat is hard to handle, the grooming will take me some extra time to finish.

Every cat is different but I am a professional groomer used to dealing cats and will look after them really well. 

Old cats (over 10 years) can tire more easily so I will try to be as fast as possible. Grooming an elderly cat can be risky and is not always advised please call me to discuss your cat's needs. 

For your cat and my own safety, trimming nails is the first thing I do for all cats. Yes, I do clean healthy cats ears and eyes. I am not a vet, so if your cat requires special eye or ear treatment, please discuss this with your vet. 

We do not offer mat removals anymore. Please read our cancellation policy. 

Yes, I can give your furry kitty a hypoallergenic bath. I can also use your own shampoo (medicated or just your own preference).

All tools and equipment, including clipper blades, are decontaminated between cats to prevent the spread of diseases, bacteria and fungus. 

Cash or bank transfer. Pay on card is 2% surcharge.

If your cat is very hard to handle and I need extra time to groom, I will charge you extra fee, if your kitty is more then 7 kg, I might charge you extra fee. Difficult and big cats need an extra person as an assistant to hold or help to complete the service safely.

Yes, I work by appointment. Please see my opening hours on my home page and give me a call for an appointment. Please ensure you arrive in time, especially in busy season when cats are back to back and I only have time for sanitise the shop and equipments between 2 customers. If you are late, maybe I will not have time to groom your cat and your deposit can not be refunded. 

Please read about Groomzy cancellation policy. 

Please note that arriving late for an appointment could mean that we are unable to provide the full service you are booked in for as there is an allocated time for each service. Please be respectful of our time as we are a by-appointment business, and another client could have taken your appointment. Please read our cancellation policy.