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Cat Grooming ? ? ?

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

When people ask me what I do for a living and I say I groom cats, most of them start to laugh. “Groom cats?” they ask me back. "Why do cats need to be groomed? Don’t they just groom themselves? I’ve never heard of it before." And they continue.

If you have a cat you’ll be used to finding your furry friend’s hair on your jeans, your couch, your chairs, your pillow case and your neatly folded laundry. Or perhaps you have a long-haired cat with knots and mats and you’re not able to keep on top of it, then you might make a decision to bring your cat to a professional cat groomer. Matted fur can cause stress to your cat. Imagine you yourself having matted hair. Unless it’s a style you’re going for, you probably don’t want it. You’d want to get rid of it and start to comb yourself but it is often painful and sometimes stressful. Well, it’s pretty much the same with your cat. What can you do in order to avoid knots and mats forming on your furry friend’s fur? Frequent brushings and de-shedding help to remove dead hair, dirt and oil. Yep, oil. Because your cat’s fur can be oily too, not just your hair. In order to help to keep the coat healthy, your cat will need to be groomed frequently. Did you know that regular bath helps to get rid of dead hair? Did you know that dead hair can cause mats and skin irritation too? Chances are you’ll know your cat better than anyone and be able to see signs that your cat needs grooming. And if you’re reading this right now, you’re probably just about ready to book an appointment with #groomzycatgroomer

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