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Lion Clip Vs. Comb Clip. Which is best?

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Sometimes people ask me “Yo, what’s the difference between a lion clip and a comb clip?” and I’m like “Yo, I’ll tell you”.

Actually though, most of the time people already know what the lion clip looks like, but they do not know what the comb clip is. A lion clip is a full-body short shave with the exception of the head and lower legs. You have the choice to leave the tail unshaved or as a pom-pom. A comb clip is a longer length shave over the whole body and is more suitable for winter. If you have a long hair cat and you do not her/him to freeze during Melbourne winter time, the best what you can ask from your cat groomer is a comb clip. Your cat groomer will clip the fur shorter but not entirely. Click for photos and video about lion clip and comb clip: here

The bath will help to remove dead hair and oil. Blow dry and brush out are the final steps. Brush out will help remove more shedding hair and give your cat a look like a movie star.

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